Salary difference: Agency Nurse vs. Direct Hire

  1. Hi! Has anybody had any idea about the difference in the salary of nurses who passed through agency versus those who were directly hired?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Topic moved to International Forum, as it does not pertain to California specifically, and is geared towards International nurses, not Americans.
    Agency Nurse in the US means a nurse that does per diem work, not petitioned by an agency.

    again, it depends on the contract. If the nurse placed by the agency gets full salary and the agency gets paid 100% by the facility, or if the agency takes their commission from the salary that the nurse gets, or if they get part from the facility and part from the nurse.

    There are nurses that go the direct hire route, but find the placement thru agencies. Again it depends on how the agency is paid, whether from your paycheck or from the facility. No agency works for free.