saipan examiners (nclex)

  1. ei peepz... i'll be having my exams for nclex at saipan this coming march 7. and i'm really anxious because my friend who is supposed to be my room mate backout... anyone who'll be having their exams then? and to those who has taken their exams there, any tips on items to bring? food expenses and stuff? climate?

    all the replies would be much appreciated... thank you so much and godbless! anyway ill be staying at ocean view.
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  3. by   rn_888
    hi, il be taking up nclex on april also in much did u spend for the package?? well, best of luckto u!
  4. by   msdreamchaser
    since ill be staying in saipan for 5 days because my exam is scheduled on a wednesday... my package costs around $640. 4nights and 5 days... in peso almost P32,000. inclusive of hotel, airfare and everyday breakfast! goodluck also!!
  5. by   choco_overload
    aaaw!! am green with envy.. hehehe!! if i can just make time go a little faster.. goodluck!!
  6. by   sdop_agent10
    Re: saipan examiners
    I really dont know how much it will cost u coz all my expenses were shouldered by my agency and all dat i brought is pocket money. I stayed in Gold beach Hotel. Good accommodation i can say.... big rooms, hotel attendants are all Pinoys. There's a computer in the lobby which is free of use to all nurses. Breakfast is included in the package. If ur thinking of ur lunch, well, all u have to do is ask them coz they have a contact there who delivers food for lunch and dinner (Filipina). Last year it cost me around 4-5$/meal. There's also Jollibee near the church though its a lil far but f ur willing to walk then that will not b a problem. Climate? it is so hot in there! as in soooo hot! U can bring cookies, biscuits, juice.
    I hope this will help u. If u have some more question just let me know.
  7. by   Raine14
    Im going to take the nclex on april. Im begining to scout for affordable packages. So far i've contacted 2. It cost $542/ $545 5d/4n (my sched is on a tuesday), Saipan ocean veiw hotel, with brakfast, service from airport to hotel- hotel to airport. Plane leaves on a saturday and return on a wednesday via continental. The travel agencies are Flywise (located at pasig) and Trailfinder (located at qc).
  8. by   msdreamchaser
    there's another thread here or in the international forum about travel agencies... just browse it for more info