RPN to RN @ Seneca or George Brown? - page 3

Currently deciding between Seneca RPN program or GBC RPN program. Which one will be easiest bridging route to RN? I hear after 2 semesters @ Seneca's RPN i can attempt to transfer to York's BScN,... Read More

  1. by   Laurafromontario
    Hey Broccli!!!! you got in congrats!!! a friend of mine is doing the flex one we are moving up there from niagara together!!! are you doing flex ??
  2. by   Laurafromontario
    I just seen that you put flex down lol sorry to ask you that. Well Im sure we will be in classes together!!! congrats
  3. by   Nursing_Student92
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    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hey, i'm going to be starting the Seneca Rpn Program in 2011. Why did you think you UOIT RPN to RN program was not good at all? Just wondering because I know a few people who have graduated from the program who found it to be helpful in landind jobs in as little as 3 months graduating. Also for anybody who is just checking this post the McMaster rpn to rn program did their last intake in sept 2010 of this year, look on the program website. I think the only pathways now is the E stream. I know I still have a while to decide but can anybody give me straigh insite on which school has a great program or something. Thanks in advance !
  4. by   broccli
    Has anyone received their fee statement package from centennial college yet?