Role and responsibilities of the E grade?

  1. Hiya to all and hope everyone has/is having a wonderful holiday season.
    My query is regarding the E Grade role. I am a US trained RN and have done only D grade and agency nursing here in the UK. Been here in Scotland since July 99. I've got a nice new post as a E grade equivalent in the new banding and am wondering if any of you experienced E grade level UK nurses have any helpful hints and/or suggestions on what makes a good E Grade RGN.
    I am working on a medical/renal unit where patients go to the actual renal ward for their dialysis.
    Again any helpful hints or things to watch out for etc. would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance,
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  3. by   XB9S
    Congratulations on your new job. as far as role of an E grade it does depend on which unit your work on.

    Our E's take charge on the ward in the abscence of F and G's but it does mean a bit more nights as our senior grades are discouraged because of the cost. An E needs to have a wider view than a D, being able to not just see whats going on with your patients but supporting junior staff with theirs as well, and I usually allocate the sicker patients to the senior staff so it may be that you will have slightly sicker patients.

    Enjoy your new job and again congratulations