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  1. I am an RN in Ontario 15 years of ER and ICU experience I am currently practicing in Ontario. The new laws now have new grads writing the nclex exam. Allowing them to work in the USA. I have been out of school for 15 years and have written the nclex twice failed both attempts. Is there any USA states that offer reciprocity for only having passed CRNE? I do not want to attempt to rewrite nclex and am willing to relocate to any state. I do not have my CGFNS just my Ontario RN licence and passport. Please help hitting road blocks!
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  3. by   Triddin
    I am almost certain than my state will require the nclex as part of the licensing process as a foreign nurse.

    Which study guides/ services have you used to prepare you for the nclex? Learning how to answer nclex questions is a skill in itself.

    edit: confirmed on the nscbn that all states require nclex.

    https://www.ncsbn.org/16_IEN_manual_WEB.pdf has more information + states which require and additional test and a SIN
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  4. by   nlocke
    I last wrote 8 years ago. I'm really hoping to avoid writing the Nclex. I work full time and have a family really no time for study. I find it hard to believe that new grads with zero experience are deemed competent to work in the us because they are now required to write nclex in Canada. (No offence) and it's also unbelievable that nclex has always been the standard test in the USA enabling RN who have passed the nclex many years ago allowed to transfer to Canada. And if I write the nclex in Canada and fail does that mean they will take away my current license because I cannot pass the new exam? Feeling frustrated
  5. by   Triddin
    You're going to a different country. Part of that is having to play by their rules. Why not transfer within Canada if you don't want to do the nclex?

    Remember, nclex is just part of the equation going to a different country. They also have to do immigration, education equivalency, then find a job. With experience, you would likely be a more attractive candidate for hiring.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Failing NCLEX will not result in loosing current Canadian license. Passed CRNE is a pass and will not change any status in Canada because licensing has changed
  7. by   KimberleyO
    Can a nurse who has nclex in the USA,, get a job in Canada with nclex as well?
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from KimberleyO
    Can a nurse who has nclex in the USA,, get a job in Canada with nclex as well?
    Only if they have met with both the College of RN and immigration requirements. Passing NCLEX in the US still requires you to register as a RN in Canada. You still need a job permit or permanent residency to live and work in Canada