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  1. I have a friend who has finished her nursing degree in Ottawa. She has taken the exam two times. She is devastated that she hasn't passed and is desperate for a good prepatory program that could help her pass come this February or June. Please let me know, those who have recently passed, please let us know which RN prepatory program helped you pass you exam! Thank you all in advance.
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  3. by   Toronto
    Wow So Many Nurses On This Site And There Isn't Not One Person That Has Recently Passed Their Rn Exam?? No Advice? That Is Dissapointing. For Those That Could Help Please Let Us Know Where In Toronto Would Be A Good Place To Take Prepratory Rn Classes. My Friend Is Desperate And I'd Like To See Her Pass. She Is A Smart Girl But She Just Needs Some Guidance Right Now. Any Please Help Us Find A Palce That Would Be Good Preparatory Help.
  4. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    I haven't heard of CRNE prep classes, but maybe you could write an email to the College of Nurses of Ontario or Canadian Nurses Association and ask them if they know about any classes that are offered.

    Did your friend buy the CRNE prep study guide from the CNA?
  5. by   ellamae28

    i just passed the CRNE last Oct, if you will read some of the threads I thinks many of us passed the exam. Specially the august exam.

    anyway, where is she planning to take the course. coz I know 2 from toronto. Thanks to allnurses bacause someone introduced me to this prep class which i find it really helpful before my exam..

    did your friend take a course before?
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  6. by   Toronto
    Wow thank you to all those that replied! Ok, so to answer some of your questions...she did prepratory classes however it didn't do much good. She is looking for prepratory classes in TORONTO. So the person that just passed..Congratulations!!! All the best to your start of an extra brighter future. Oh, and if you can please post those prepratory classes that you took. Thanks again everybody!