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Hi all. I'm US nursing student, set to become a Canadian nursing student as soon as I go through immigrations, because my Canadian husband recently moved back up to Canada because his health... Read More

  1. by   grad2014
    Hi Cinquefoil. Are you still looking for a rheumatologist for your husband? I'm in BC and am a medical receptionist. There's a particular name that I do hear good things about. This doctor is located in the lower mainland. I just joined because I saw your question and this is probably "unprofessional" to be posting like this, but I thought I could help and I would be willing to give you a specific name. And although it's not preferred, you can try "cold calling" various rheumatology offices and try to feel out what kind of personality the doctor has through the receptionist. There are too many times when patients, or even I, go to the doctor and am/are not pleased at all with the medical attention, or lack of, and patient care (in terms of actually listening and compromising with the pt about what he/she/I want to do) provided. People definitely have to be compatible with their doctors. Good luck on your search. If you'd like to contact me, just send me a private msg. I haven't been on the site long enough so I'm not allowed to send any private msgs otherwise I just would've.
  2. by   sirI
    We're sorry, but we cannot endorse any particular healthcare provider per Terms of Service.