Radiology school question (Ca, Illinois, Washington, Pennsylvania

  1. I have a question if someone can help me.I am finishing 3 years school for bachelor radiographer in my country,we also have master studies here 2 years but i am interested to do it in USA.So i am interested coz of different program in USA is it possible i get job with this diploma and at same time to study for master or i need to verify first some exams and than to get permit to work and continue my school.I am interested coz i plan to pay off my school from job if i get it.And what are my chances to go in some school in Washington if theres some or where schools for radiology where i can continue work are best or you can show me other place where i can ask for help,thank you in advance
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  3. by   suzanne4
    The three year degree from your country is not the same as the four year Bachelor's degree that we have in the US and will not meet the requirements for entry into a Master's program here.

    In order to get a student visa to attend school here, you must prove that you have the funds to cover international student tuition as well as living expenses. You are unable to work full-time on the student visa here, and actually no more than 20 hours per week with special permission of the US State Dept.

    In order to have a chance of getting a visa to work here, you will have to meet the requirements for licensure and hold a license for the US, as well as pass the English exams and get a Visa Screen Certificate thru as you would be applying for a visa in the health care field where you have direct patient contact.

    This Bulletin Board is for nurses, you have other requirements that you must meet to be able to work in the US, suggest that you contact the licensing board for the state where you think that you want to work in.

    Be aware that licensure and immigration are two different things and you must have a visa that will permit you to work here, a license alone will not permit that.

    Best of luck to you.
  4. by   delija_sever
    So i can or i cant work?
    Or work and study at same time?
  5. by   suzanne4
    On a student visa, you cannot work unless you can get permission to do so and that has a maximum of twenty hours per week. You need to provide proof that you have the funds to pay for your schooling with out of state tuition, or should say international as well as living expenses before they will grant a visa to study here. They will not grant one based on the fact that you will be trying to work part-time.

    You would need to complete at least another year before you would be able to start a Master's program here in the US.

    As mentioned, we are a specialty board for nurses, and since you would have a completely different set of requirements, it is best to go thru a forum that specializes in that.

    In order to be able to work in your field in the US, you must pass the licensing exams before you could even get a visa to do that.
  6. by   delija_sever
    Anyone whos into radiology here or anyone knows same forum as this one but for radiographers?
  7. by   sirI
    You might try here, delija sever: