Questions about UK midwifery registration

  1. I have some questions I'm hoping someone can answer for me as I haven't had any luck getting in touch with someone at the NMC.
    I'm a CNM in the US, have my RN and MSN and it appears if I can jump through all the hoops, I could qualify as a midwife in the UK. Since I didn't do a 3 yr midwifery program, I first need to get the adult nursing out of the way.

    Does anyone know if I can submit both my applications for the RN and midwifery at once or if I first need to get the nursing part approved? And if I'm not wanting to work as a nurse, would I still need to do the nursing 20 day orientation thing or could I then jump right into the midwifery application. Finally, I see there is a midwifery adaption program required if you do get approved but I can't seem to find anything about this. Can someone answer my questions?

    I'm in a unique situation as financially, I won't have to work as we are moving for a few yrs for my husband's job, so if this seems impossible, I probably won't go through with it. But I'd love the chance to practice midwifery in the UK. Also, I will already have a work visa, as that is a perk to my husband's job...would that help me get further in the application process?

    I appreciate any input or advice...thanks!!!!
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  3. by   Tanvi Tusti
    :spin: Hi
    If your original training meets NMC standards you can apply for both registration as a nurse and midwife together. You can do this from outside the UK. However, if you do meet requirements then you will have to apply for an Overseas Nursing Programme or Adaptation to Midwifery Programme and will need to be in the UK to attend the university and clinical placement.

    Depends on where you want to live as to where you would do the adaptation programme, but here is one that I know of:

    Hope this helps, good luck. :spin:
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  4. by   Belinda-wales
    Well as a UK RN\UK midwife who has cometo the us they will not even consider my application for my midwifery to be assessed untill I have worked in the US on L&D for a year!
    I think if you can work as a Midwife in the UK you should as I have found that travel will enrich your practise .
    Good Luck.