question about Agenda for Change?

  1. Ok, I know its a year away for most of us but Im starting to get worried about how this is going to work out. Six months ago I moved to a new post, but as its a newly invented post and is time limited so I stayed under my old E Grade contract and job description. The job I do now is very different to my old one and I suppose would be very difficult to grade as its quite an unusual post. So how will it work with AfC? Will employers really individually assess unusual posts or will I (and my 2 collegues that I work with) simply be banded as per our old job description and have to fight to be re-assessed
    Anyone working in one of the early implimenter trusts, is it working for you?
    Aaaargh, I asked someone at work today their views and they didnt even seem to know what AfC was all about
    Someone help me out and stop me panicking!!

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  3. by   Whisper
    Have you tried looking at the RCN website, they did have some good information, but it was a while ago...

    sorry i can't help more,m hopefully someone else will be able to
  4. by   donmurray
    Most important is to get your job description updated to reflect everything you do in this post. There are 300+ JD's already written and agreed with management and most staff with "ordinary" posts will transfer straight over. Unusual posts will be individually assessed/ agreed to the specifications on the DoH website, A4C section. Your union rep will advise but get that JD down on paper, even if you write it yourself! (check it with your rep first before showing it to your manager.)
  5. by   lisamct
    Thanks for the advice,
    Weve got an appointment next week to meet with our proffesional nurse advisor and get out job descriptions sorted out s hopefuly that should get things in order.