1. Hi My name is Claudi,
    I am a oversea nurse who is preparing for the NCLEX test about two months.

    Im wonder if it is true that its easier to get my license in Virginia to continue my work as a nurse after passing the NCLEX test.

    Any usefull help is welcome.

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  3. by   Aquarian
    CGFNS Certificate is actually required in Virginia. That means passing the CGFNS exam and the TOEFL (for Virginia). You can look at these requirements for foreign applicants here:

    So, Virginia may not be as fast as you think. There are other states that do not require this certificate to qualify for NCLEX.

    You are also required to submit an Social Security Number or the DMV (Dep't of Motor Vehicles) control number for your application to be processed.
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  4. by   suzanne4
    Have you actually applied to a state for licensure? The NCLEX exam is the final step in the licensing process. Suggest that you read the Primer at the top of this forum for information that you need.

    You will need to complete their requirements before you will be permitted to sit for the NCLEX exam.