Queries regarding immigration to Canada

  1. Hello I have completed my B.sc nursing and have got 8 years of work experience.I am planning to work in Canada,would you please guide me how to make a move ,also is it possible after getting pr visa I can work in nursing home or hospital's and with in 3 years can clear CRNE
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You can start the registration process now and wait for provincial comments
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    The CRNE is long gone it's now NCLEX-RN. You start with NNAS credentials evaluation
  5. by   dishes
    Start your application with National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS.ca) as soon as possible, it can take 12 months just to be assessed after to which you may have to do a competency assessment, before being permitted to write the NCLEX. Do as many steps of the registration requirements as you can before you move to Canada.
    Use the search tool in the top right hand corner to find a thread entitled 'NNAS experience' you can read about other IENs experience with NNAS.
  6. by   Dynbelthershytia
    Which province do you plan to practice? I currently live in Ontario, most of my IEN friends here started with NNAS and the wait period differs from one another. So many hoops to jump here before you can practice as a nurse. Hard to find jobs in cities, easier on rural areas.
  7. by   jenitajoyce
    Hi. My pr is almost half way through. If i reach canada after the process and start with my nnas will i have to write ielts while holding a pr?
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Ielts needs to be current otherwise the college can ask for an more UpToDate one
  9. by   dishes
    Which province are you planning to live in? Some provincial regulatory bodies (such as College of Nurses of Ontario) do not require ielts at the time of your NNAS application. It can take a couple of years to become licensed in Canada, if you haven't already started you nnas application, suggest you start it now and stay in your home country until you have received your advisory report and applied to the provincial regulatory and have received a response advising you of your next steps.
  10. by   dishes
    @jenitajoyce, once you have approval from citizenship and immigration Canada to immigrate, you will be eligible to join the pre-arrival support services for IENs program (pass4nurses.org). Consider joining, as you will receive up-to-date advice regarding English for nurses, the registration process, the Canadian health care system and it's free!