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bonjour! any filipinos who are already in quebec, any feedback pls of this program. im just waiting for my decision letter from OIIQ. i graduated 2009 and had 1 year exp in hosp. how's the french... Read More

  1. by   yoopian
    Quebec Skilled Worker.
  2. by   mhyge
    Your right steven. .It's not easy to go to a battle without knowing your ways on how to win the fight. To all concerned citizens, i hope you'll give us fact feedbacks about the program. so that we will know or foresee our future once we arrive there.
  3. by   ilurvesuperkk
    Hey guys!
    I'm still gathering my req for this program. I would just like to ask if you don't pass the french exam, will you be sent back in the Philippines?? Thanks.
  4. by   lee matthew
    Quote from yoopian
    I'm in a different visa application. I think you guys chose to apply as a student right?

    But still, I wish us all good luck in our applications!
    hi yoopian! I am new to this site. I have read and followed your posts that you have applied for the skilled program in Quebec.. I am much interested about this and I am hoping that you will share me your insights about this... i have been working as a company nurse for almost a year now, and as you have posted in your earlier threads, a less than a year work experience is acceptable as long as you passed the assessment of the points system.. am i right? please, i need your help. thank you very much.
  5. by   jheyne
    i wanna learn about this more.. can anyone tell me about this bridging program?? I am looking for a job and its hard to look for a job here in phil.. hopefully, anybody can help me what this is all about.. thank u!
  6. by   yoopian
    @lee matthew

    Go to the Immigration Quebec website. You'll find all the details there for the Quebec Skilled Worker program.

    Good luck!
  7. by   deejsilog
    Hi, I am currently a working Nurse in a tertiary hospital here in the Philippines and I'm still on my first year. I'm really interested in trying this Quebec thing but I need more knowledge about it. Has anyone tried the agency called "Global Visas?" They are Immigration consultants and charge a hefty PHP 120,000 for the processing alone. That excludes the other fees like government, exam, mailing fees and etc. I am seriously considering on applying with them since they offer assistance as a Quebec Skilled worker but its just the French thing and the finance I'm worried about. Can anyone advice me on what to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. by   yoopian
    Search for the official immigration website of Quebec. They got all the details there.
  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    One thing you need to know about Quebec (other than their absolute insistence on fluency in French) - EVERYTHING related to education, registration, setting up a life for people who are not Quebec residents costs a LOT of money. It doesn't matter where you're coming from, they will charge you twice as much or more than they charge residents.

    Getting back to the French language part - the exam is extremely difficult. I have lived in Quebec a for a number of years as an adult, am married to a Quebecer and have a fairly good grasp of French, but I could not pass the exam.
  10. by   amy ermosillas
    i heard that the french exam is only speaking and listening. we will not be doing the writing part because i admit writing is also my weakness. i am also waiting for my decision letter here in the philippines. God bless us!! we will be learning as we go along. it's not that easy and we will be struggling for sure before we can claim our Rn license and permanent residency but don't forget that God is with us all the way!! we just need to persevere.
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    you heard wrong. the written part of the exam is perhaps the most important part. the chart is a legal document and all charting must be written so that the reader can understand what's being reported. if the chart should be taken to court, you will want your charting to be clear, concise and readily understood.

    from the school of nursing, mcgill university, montreal, quebec:

    "proof of proficiency in the french language: quebec law requires that candidates seeking admission to provincially-recognized professional corporations must possess a working knowledge of the french language, that is, be able to communicate verbally and in writing in that language. to demonstrate this capability, candidates will be required to pass an examination set by the office de la langue franaise, unless they can show that three years of full-time instruction in a french post-primary school have been completed.
    candidates who have completed their secondary education in quebec in 1986 or later and have received their certificate from secondary school are exempt from writing the examination. the professional corporation will require this certificate, proof of attendance or of successful completion of the office examination. the examination may be attempted by registered students during the two years prior to the date they receive a degree giving access to a professional corporation."
    ("provincially-recognized professional corporations" refers to the regulatory bodies for doctors, lawyers, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, accountants... any professional group that requires a permit from the province to practice their profession.)

    from the toronto globe and mail:


    [color=#d5711f]two quebec nurses lose jobs for failing written french test
    mercredi 5 janvier 2005 [color=#929292]

    brian daly
    the globe and mail wednesday, january 5, 2005
    canadian press montreal pq - two nurses at an english-language hospital have lost their licences after failing a written french test, though quebec faces a nursing shortage."

    from cbc news:

    "quebec dentist barred from practising after failing french test last updated: thursday, september 20, 2007 | 7:01 pm et

    a quebec dentist who speaks french fluently has lost his right to practise in the province after failing a written french test four times."

    don't ever think for a minute that quebec will ever relax their language laws.
  12. by   yoopian
    I have to agree with janfrn with this one. I've received my nomination last week from Quebec and all documents were in french. A handful had english translations but it was all in written french.

    Also the immigration officer made sure to let me know that I should start imrpoving my french right away if I wanted to be "happy" in Quebec.

    Good luck to all.
  13. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    "Quebecers are very sensitive when it comes time to talk about language issues. As a very small linguistic minority in North America, each of us feel that we have a personal responsibility to maintain, straighten and embellish our uniqueness.
    This soft spot has often been used by the separatist movement to exacerbate tensions with English Canadians or to make us feel threatened, so the idea of having our own French country finally rallies a majority." The rest of the editorial:

    "The Official Language Act of 1974 (French Loi sur la langue officielle), also known as Bill 22, is an act of the National Assembly of Quebec which made French the sole official language of Quebec, a province of Canada. It was ultimately supplanted by the Charter of the French Language (also known as Bill 101) in 1977." For more:

    "The Charter of the French Language (La charte de la langue franaise, in French), also known as Bill 101 and Loi 101, is a law in the province of Quebec in Canada defining French, the language of the majority of the population, as the only official language of Quebec and framing fundamental language rights for everyone in the province. It is the central legislative piece in Quebec's language policy." For more:

    There has been discussion in the last couple of weeks about making even small businesses (those with fewer than 25 employees) use only French in their workplaces. So places like corner stores wouldn't be permitted to use English at all in their day to day transactions. It's getting to be a little ridiculous.