PWU Distance Education Program

  1. Hi folks!

    My sister is planning to take up Master of Arts in Nursing at the Philippine Women's University via their Distance Education Program.
    How effective is the program?
    Would you recommend it?
    What are its advantages and disadvantages?

    Your feedbacks, especially from those who enrolled in the program, will truly help my sister in her decision-making. Any comment, positive or negative, will be much appreciated.

    Thank you and God bless.
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  3. by   bebe13
    Hey, anyone out there who has an idea or experience with this program?

    I would really appreciate your input.

  4. by   suzanne4
    What is she planning to do with it would be my first question? If planning on it to get her to the US faster, it will not work as it is not equivalent to the MSN program.

    If a new distance learning program, never recommend it even if in the US, you have no idea as to what the courses will be like and what the instructors will be like. Not a good thing to do which ever the country.
  5. by   bebe13
    Hi Suzanne,

    My sister needs it for her promotion in the hospital where she works. She is also considering a Clinical Instructor position. She is happy with her work in the Phils and has no immediate plans of going to the US yet. Distance learning program is an option for her because she also has 2 kids to take care of. She was told that the program was started in 1997.

    Thank you for your time and helpful insights, as always.