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  1. Hi everyone. I graduated Nursing 2008. I took the NLE 4 yrs after but to no avail. I did not pursue taking my license because i was thinkin Im not gonna work in Pinas anyway and just waited for the visa petition to come out while fulfulling my duty as a wife and a mother. In other words I had been a plain housewife since then. I am in the California now. Arrived 7 mos ago and working fulltime as a caregiver. Looking back I was thinkin I had this Nursing diploma from Pinas, maybe I should go and chase Nursing license in the states. Who would know for whatever gift God might offer right? I got a lot of questions in mind. How to start? Whom to ask? What are the requirements etc.
    Is there a website where I can browse and learn? My husband told me to send my Nursing credentials to Sacramento. Can anybody please help me on what to do first. Thank you from my heart.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    They have a nursing website that will list requirements on what to do as a International Trained Nurse
  4. by   steppybay
    I do believe that one of the CA BON documentation requirements is to provide proof of your PH nursing license. From the time of the CA BON notification letter, you'll have three year's to complete that requirement before the application and non-refundable fees are gone.

    Suggest that you try to take the licensing exam in the PH before coming over.
  5. by   HappytobeARNP
    This link from the California BON provides information for licensing and has a section for international nurses: Licensure by Examination

    It sounds like you will need to become licensed here in the States so you should also contact schools in your areas to inquire about programs. Working as a medical assistant/CNA will help you gain experience as well since you are a caretaker.

    If you are certain that you want to pursue a career in nursing then you should start looking over the material to familiarize yourself and ease the transition.

    Best wishes!