Programs in US, recognized in Canada?

  1. I have been looking at US schools a lot lately, they seem to be so far ahead of the Canadian schools. I found quite a few schools in the US that offer a 3 year program for people wiht BSc. degrees that now want to do Nursing. The first year lets you complete your RN then the last 2 years, you do your Masters. This is great compared to what most Canadian Universities are telling me. Are there any Canadian universities that do this type of fast tracking, three years to complete everything is great. Do you know if doing this program in the US will be accepted in Canada? I'm not sure if the Canadian Health Care system recognizes the programs done in the US. Any ideas of study in the US and practice in Canada, or vise versa? If so, feel free to pass any info my way.

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  3. by   fergus51
    I went to the US from Canada and had no trouble getting my degree recognized, I am sure the reverse is true. If you want to be sure go to the provincial registration boards and ask them. BC's is and has links to all the other ones across Canada.
  4. by   disher
    Simmone, The Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing (CAUSN) might be able to answer your questions. There website is You can e-mail them the site.
    Hope there is a fast track for you!