Procedure for Working in the U.S.A.

  1. I am working with Health Services Department in India. Prior to that I was in Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health. I have a 10 years old daughter who is autistic. I would like to take her to any western countries for further procedure/treatment. Because of my child's situation, I quit the job with MOH SA in 2004 Deceber. At first, is there any way to get a job for me prior to take my child. Please advise.

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  3. by   arieth
    Is there any treatment system for autism in your area ?
    What is the requirement and procedure to get a job in the USA ?
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    Depends where yo want to work, do you have any ideas?
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    since you work in Saudi Arabian before can I ask u how to get a job overthere is it also very difficult I am from Singapore but have not be a nurse yet even thur I have the diploma in Nurse .I don't how recognise is my country diploma or i need to spend more money to take some more couse .