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I was pointed to that link and it seems like employment in Northern BC is only 6% ...ouch BC Work Futures - Occupational Profile I'd like to become a nurse to help others and have a... Read More

  1. by   Fiona59
    I don't think I've met a "travel nurse" in any of the hospitals I've worked in.

    You will have to write the exam. Hospitals hire "casuals" who work units. They are given a full orientation and usually work as many hours as they can handle. The main drawback to being casual is lack of benefits.

    Oh and yup every major city is short of nurses both PN and RN.
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    As far as I can gather, very few or perhaps no Canadian hospitals utilize travelers. That phenomenon is pretty much an American thing.
  3. by   cicada
    Thanks everyone for replies. I just got immigration newsletter about extreme shortage of nurses in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I probably need to look for the job there. If Canada does not have many travel nurses-- good thing! Travelers not always helpful-- talking from my own experience. I'll be more than happy to take permanent RN position.
    Is exam for licensure very though or similar to our NCLEX?
  4. by   zolly786
    there is a agency here in prince george that sends nurses to hospitals in fraser heath, interior health, viha and nha. i'm too much of a chicken to go anywhere, but i know lots of other people i work with who have gone and have quite enjoyed it. the lady who runs it is a nurse at pgrh (prince george regional hospital), if i remember correctly (which i may not since i just finished a night shift on two hours sleep).

    the cnat is different from the nclex. i believe the nclex is more technical and the cnat is more psychosocial (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, guys)

    good luck, wherever your path leads.
  5. by   cicada
    you gave me a useful information. Thanks!