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There is no shortage of nurses in the Philippines. The law of supply and demand is at work, that's why Phil. RNs are under-paid (security guards are even paid higher). For the same reason, ... Read More

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    Quote from FutureUSRN
    I think they will just use that to obtain a GC but eventually will not work as nurses (if don't fall in love with nursing). Filipinos are really good in finding loopholes. I am not advocating this kind of behavior, it is just that I find Filipinos are very wise in circumventing rules and policies.
    I hear this a lot. But the reality is once they arrive there and start earning their dollars, they forgot about their plans and stayed working as nurses. The reality of the American economy has changed. It's mostly service jobs that are available and among these, Nursing still pays competitively (although they work longer hours as nurses). As a foreign grad, you will find that once you come here, there's not a lot of positions that will pay as well (unless you become a top notch realtor) and very stable (there's always a Nursing vacancy somewhere in the 50 states). Even in professions like Dentistry, they stopped giving exams to foreign grads in mid-1990's and you now have to enter a Dental school (very expensive) for a few years to even sit for their exam.
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