Philippine nurse .... request for case transfer to US Embassy, London

  1. Hello, I wish you could all help me out. Anybody here who has the same experience? How long did it take you to hear from the US Embassy in London after you made the request for transfer?

    I'm from the Philippines and has been working here in UK for more than 4 years now. I actually received my packet 4 last March 2004 (medical and interview date in the Philippines) but didn't show up because of my current location My case was just recently revalidated (reactivated) so they sent me Packet 3 which I sent back immediately last September. Then I just realized that it would seem easier for me if things get done here rather than going back home to attend the medical and interview so I faxed my request for transfer 1st week of this month (October) at the US Embassy in Manila. I may sound really desperate and pathetic here, too eager to know but if you have the same experience, kindly enlighten me. I just need a time frame. Thanks!
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  3. by   RGN1
    You might be better off posting this in the International or even Phillipine forums. I'm not sure anyone here has any experience of this.

    I wish you luck in getting a reply - I just wanted you to know that i don't think you're being deliberately ignored I just think that no-one here has any idea of the answer.

    Of course I may be wrong!
  4. by   ICU_JOSIE
    Thanks. I'll follow your advice.:spin:
  5. by   amos brad
    pls go the U.S embassy in the U.K but make sure u hv permission to stay in the U.K legal resident ask for a transfer form DS 3098
    the u will be fine though it will take a while