1. these things are the bane of my life- is anybody else using them or involved in developing them?

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  3. by   ayemmeff
    Don't think I've even heard of them!
  4. by   karenG
    patient group directions. legal documents which give nurse the right to prescribe and dispense some drugs- includes things like the morning after pill, vaccinations. think they are only in use in primary care(where I work) and some A&E's. they are the bane of my life!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. by   ayemmeff
    That sounds like something I don't want to know about!! Thanks for the info though,Karen.
  6. by   tony summers
    Hi Karen

    We use these alot at Medway and i just developed three more, we have not seemedd to have any problem with and they have allowed me to prescribe.

    The thing that I found frustrating was have to write a separate one for each single dose, unable to write one encompassing all doses, so there was alot of repetition.

  7. by   karenG
    hi Tony

    yep have the same problem- mostly had to write ones for travel vacc and baby imms. But tend to lift from elsewhere- cos no point in reinventing the wheel......and dont have the time either!!
    but I'm now an extended nurse prescriber so dont need them- have my own nifty purple prescription pad- such power!!!

  8. by   tony summers

    where did you do your prescribers course?

    what wa involved?

    looking to try and do this as part of my MSc.

  9. by   karenG
    hi tony

    did the course at south bank uni. dont think it can incorporated into a masters yet. sb havent been able to include in the nurse practitioner masters. its still a stand alone thing. I did it over 3/12 but can now be done over 6/12. its hard work and covered a lot of stuff I did in my NP degree- the pharmacology was not as in depth. we had to do a portfolio, and a written exam- 1hr on pharmocology and 1hr on a case study that we provided. It was a good course in that it made me think about my practice, and I enjoyed meeting nurses working in the acute sector. Just got to do the supplementary bit now..........another 2 days.

    what are you doing your masters in? I want to do ethics and law!

  10. by   tony summers
    Hi Karen

    doing my MSc in A&E nursing just about to start my final research methodology unit and then my dissertation, done alot ethics and law within it at Christchurch Canterbury. Still trying decide what my dissertation s going to be on, but it is going to be on some sort of ethical issue.