Path from RPN to RN?

  1. So i have researched to the max i could.
    Currently i am deciding weather to go to Seneca or George Brown for RPN. I am hoping to do a bridging program to RN.

    The thing is i simply left university @ the end of my 4 years with moderate-low marks (without a degree) so i applied to seneca/george brown/mohawk RPN with my high school marks.

    I know i can apply to the george brown & mohawk RPN to RN bridging program, but i was wondering if i can apply to BScN programs (accelerated also??) after my RPN? Will they use my RPN marks or uni marks? Will transfer credits help shorten the time frame?

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  3. by   loriangel14
    If you are bridging from RPN to RN then that will be a BSCN that you will end up with. All programs for RN are now degree programs.They would use your RPN marks and having your RPN would mean it would take 3 years instead of 4 to get your degree.
  4. by   VenaCava
    If you almost finished your degree and your GPA isn't too horrendous, why not apply using your university grades? You can apply to go directly into the RN program instead of having to go for RPN then the bridge program.
  5. by   InnovativeNurse
    I have better chances of getting in to a RPN, in fact, i have gotten 1 offer and 3 on waitlist. Crossing my fingers