Part time or Full time status ?

  1. We have a full time RN who is also our union rep. in our dept. She is circulating a memo (which she has not signed) by her to all full time staff stating

    "To whom it may concern,

    Problem: part time nurses accumulate hours of senority for every hour they work with no maximum per year and also receive money in lieu of benefits and vacation pay. As full time RN's we work 1950 hours per year but can only accumulate 1500 total. Any overtime hours worked above 1500 are not allowed to be acrued.

    Solution: cap the part time hours at 1500 hours per year or allow full time staff to acrue hour for hour, the same as the part time staff."

    As mentioned, she did not sign this but will be circulating to all the FT RN's within the hospital.


    I believe that regardless if you are part time or full time, you should be payed for what you work and your seniority should be included. A large majority are part time because they (hospital) won't hirer full time. It's not really our choice. Any ideas or input re: this.

    Sorry so lengthy....
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  3. by   disher
    We had a similar discussion years ago in my workplace. We brought in a neutral ONA rep from outside of our hospital to lead the discussion. We were in the same situation as you, our ONA rep was a fulltime employee and was the one who had instigated the discussion. Obviously she could not discuss this from a neutral point of view. The real solution (and I say this as a fulltime nurse) is to push for a contract that acknowledges the true fulltime hours, not penalize the part time nurses.
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