Paid Tuition for working at certain hospitals?

  1. I live in Nothern Ontario, currently enrolled in my 2nd of 4 years, which in time, I hope to obtain my RN status when finished.

    I was told by my girlfriend (also a RN student) that there was an advertisement on t.v. in regards to the possibility of a contract to work with a hospital for X number of years, which they would pay for your tuition for the four years enrolled, plus normal pay to work in there institution. It was manly focussed on smaller towns, up north.

    Has anyone heard of this?

    I've heard many stories about the U.S paying for the schooling, but I'm wondering if it's the same in Canada/Ontario.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Steve,
    ummm...I havent heard anything about these contracts, but it is possible and very smart on the hospitals part. I have heard that the government will be reembursing students paying tuition for consolodation. We will have to wait and see.
    Good Luck with School!
  5. by   trent
    I'm also in Ontario, and the only hospital I've heard of offering tuition reimbursement of any kind to new grads is the Peterborough hospital. I believe the deal is that if you do your consolidation there and sign up for 1 year, they will reimburse your last year's tuition. If you do your consolidation there and sign on for 2 years you get your last year's tuition paid back and can get specialty training on them. I'm not completely sure of these details though.
    It would definitely make sense for more small hospitals to have offers like this to recruit new grads, so you might want to ask around.
  6. by   lalaxton
    Guelph General now offers $1100/year towards tuition or any continuing education, for full time employees
  7. by   oneLoneNurse
    Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia offers free tuition for both employee and children, half cost tuition for spouses.

    Come on down.