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  1. Hi
    I am hoping to begin a nursing course in 2005 and I need to choose what universities to apply to, I havent yet visited any unis yet but I plan to.
    Can anyone give me any advice on the universities they went to?
    Does anyone have any advice on what to expect in the interviews and what to say?
    Any advice would be very helpful, thanks!
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  3. by   Just a wee scratch
    If you want to stay in Scotland, Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen is really good!

    I'm in my 2nd year of the BN and I'm really enjoying it.

    The course runs on a 7 week theory, 7 week placement rota. With holidays. Your final year comprises of 6 month threory block and then 2 12 week placements.

    The interviews are done in groups and are pretty basic. Just know why you want to be a nurse.
    RGU has a damn good union too! and the Health and Social Care has a new building and is probably the best campus in Scotland.
  4. by   joannemojo
    I'm in my 2nd year at UCE in Birmingham.

    In the interview they basically just chatted with me and wanted to know why I wanted to be a nurse and what experience I had (I had no experience whatsoever and was coming straight from a Media degree!)

    What course are you going to do? DipHe or BA? I'm on the DipHe course (no student loans! phew!)
  5. by   donmurray
    A bit late, but here's the Guardian league tables... Bangor's top, 3 Celts in the top 5...

  6. by   r0semar1e
    Hi joanne
    Thanks for the info on what they asked you! I think I just need to say why I want to be a nurse and why I want to specialise in children's nursing!
    Did they make you feel comfortable ro was it really nerve wracking?? I am quite worried about that!
    I want to do a BA in Childrens Nursing, I am applying to
    Surrey Canterbury Southampton
    Bournemouth Brighton Birmingham
    Hopefully will get accepted on one of those!
  7. by   uk_nurse
    I too went to UCE in birmingham and did my childrens nursing. I was one of the lucky ones who didnt have an interview as i was seconded , so sorry cant help you on that bit, but all interviews are neve racking just be yourself.

    I have a place at UCE in sept 2005 to do my health Visitors course so hey if you choose Birmingham may see you around.
  8. by   r0semar1e
    Thanks for replying!
    What do you mean when you said you were seconded?
    If I go to Birmingham it will be in 2005 so maybe will see you!
    Reply if you can!
  9. by   uk_nurse
    seconded means that because i already worked as a health care assistant in my local hospital they paid me to do my training and i was still employed by them also im guarenteed a job on completion of my training.
    Good luck in what you decide
  10. by   r0semar1e
    hi angie
    wot do healthcare assistants do?
    do they work for the nurses in a way?
  11. by   joannemojo
    They didn't make me feel nervous at all. It was in a small room with just two interviewers and myself. The wanted to know why I wanted to be a nurse to which I replied with something along the lines of 'It's a worthwhile career......" lol I can't remember.

    They also wanted to know what I had done/was doing at the time. They were shocked when I said BAhons Media and Cultural studies as it's a bit different to nursing.

    The interview was fine (apart from my stupid shoes which cut me to ribbons) and I got an unconditional offer a few weeks later.
  12. by   joannemojo
    HCA is basically the new name for Auxillary Nurse.
  13. by   uk_nurse
    Health care assistants assist nurses but dont do things like drugs,some do the vital signs others dont. Hope it helps.