OMG how common is this...

  1. Patients being able to feel surgery under a GA?? It is something you only ever see on TV, however we had a lady that could feel everything but was unable to open her eyes, talk or move during the op.
    I left while the reports were being done, but from what I saw, her BP skyrocketed in OT but dropped as soon as she got into recovery, and there was something in there about a nurse hearing her cough...

    Do you come across it often?:uhoh21:
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  3. by   joannep
    While I was working in the cardiac theatres one of our anaethetists did a research project on awareness under anaesthesia. He became interested in awareness under anaesthesia because one of his cardiac patient's experienced it. He found that while it was rare, it was real. But, yeah, very scary, especially when you consider what they will hear in the OR!