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What do you all think of this........... The Private hospital I work for is wanting to bring back the white dress and the nursing cap, as they believe that that is the reason that nurses have lost... Read More

  1. by   healingtouchRN
    Our hospital system has gone to RN's & LPN's wearing white & navy. NA's wear green, etc. everyone has a different color & there is a sign somewhere saying something about our color codes. I just tell my patients who I am, & write it on the board in their rooms along with the date/day of the week. The families like that then they can ask for the right person if help is needed.
  2. by   allways_garnet
    Hey the veils were good for self defense!!!!!! Instant shield, no more who flung dung!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roll
    Seriously, we wear Corporate Uniforms and I generally feel like I am going to the office, while scrubs would be great in Intensivist areas, like A&E, Post-Op, and ICU, I am not so sure that the general public would see them as being the thing to wear in the ward situations. I work on the ward and in Clinics and usually my public appearance is one of the well groomed professional woman, I believe the public prefer it that way.
  3. by   Fallen Angel
    On topic of "old timers". And I'm not that old yet! According to me.

    I wore the pinstriped dress with starched white apron to set it off. The waist was pinched in, tiny and tight, by a wide starched stiff belt. The hair was rolled up beneath the cap that covered all except for the essential sweep of hair that met with eyebrow. Had to have that certain look. The skirt was always above knee level with plenty of black clad leg to dangle for agility and for show. And, brown paper was pinned to the bottom of any skirt deemed to be too short. The nurse remained that way for the duration of the whole shift to humiliate. Yes, nurse managers responsible for that cruel move. I guess they were only doing their job.

    I wore the full head starched veil on my first job placement after I graduated as an RN. I gained the status of "Tutor Sister" on graduating. Must have been the offsider considering I was all of 21...but keeping the veil on the head was the hardest part of the job
  4. by   BeverLIE
    hi all,

    u guys might find this odd and funny but the hosp that i work here in the phils, floor nurses wear white and caps. i don't get to wear them anymore bec i do the ICU where we have scrubs. i like the traditional way sometimes when i'm rotated at the floor though, one time i had this white A-line skirt before, stockings and all...i think it looks chic and sexy

    i wll be in melbourne real soon and hopefully start working after going to uni for 3 months. i am curious and excited of this 'corporate look uniforms'...i have seen them around while i have this holiday in sydney. where do u guys buy these? do u have a shop where they sell ready-to-wears? how about those black shoes? is it those comfy blacks designed for nurses?

    i am sooo excited of my big move i can't help to splurge on my new wardrobe

    thanks in advance for any ideas...

  5. by   gwenith
    Hi Beverlie

    Teh corporate uniforms are sold through the hospitals themselves and are done so that you can reclaim the money on tax. The black shoes are usually any shoe that is black or brown or navy depending on which hospital you work at. There are "uniform shops" where you can purchase your own if yo are working agency.

    Welcome to Oz!!
  6. by   AussieAIN
    I think the corporate uniforms look great. They suit more people than the white dresses, unless the print on the fabric makes them look like old mens pj top.
  7. by   gwenith
    Originally posted by AussieAIN
    I think the corporate uniforms look great. They suit more people than the white dresses, unless the print on the fabric makes them look like old mens pj top.

    Or a pizza parlour waiter/waitress!!!