official notification of NCLEX-RN results (Illinois)

  1. hi! i took my nclex-rn exam on aug29,2007 in manila, phil. according to the quick results, i passed. but as we all now, quick results are unofficial. so, im waiting for the official notification letter it comes with an application form for my license. and i need to send it back to them with a $50 fee.

    its been 6 weeks since i took the test and i haven't recieved any letter yet. i've emailed both dpr and cts. only dpr replied and she told me to call the technical assistance unit. i called the unit and told me to call the testing unit. again i called the other unit and gave me a # that is cts.

    now, cts gave me this # (217) 782-0458 to call and that my file is with them and to tell them that i am applying for my license. and i just cant get through with that #. either its busy or you'll keep on hold forever!!! i can't even clearly hear the welcome greeting, is it licensure mail or licensure main. all i can hear was licensure as the 1st word.

    has anybody here passed il nclex-rn exam. how long did u rcvd your official notification letter?
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    Have closed this thread as you have asked the same question in the Illinois thread where it is more appropriate. Can I ask that you only post questions once and wait for replies