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Does anybody have any experience as a Nursing Officer with the Canadian Forces? I am considering applying as an officer (and as a result being funded) and am extremely interested in talking with... Read More

  1. by   Fiona59
    The Reserves are more of a part time committment. Evenings a couple of times a month and a certain number of weekends. If you don't like the routine or the drill you can leave and not face the MP's chasing you down.:chuckle

    Every serviceperson regardless of ranks has to basic training (once your in you can pretty well go to seed if you can still do the job, some of the cooks and medics I've met are not lightweights). So why don't you see if there's a Field Ambulance Unit in your area and talk to some of their staff.
  2. by   Fox88
    Ok so I went today... and I'm now leaning more on the "no go" side of things. Apparently they don't count all the training or summers into the time that you owe them and it would be almost a five year minimum commitment. I dont' think I can handle that at this point in my life. Not to something so strict and out of my control once I sign on that dotted line!

    Also, during all their Officer Basic Training I am not nursing at all, I really feel that because I'm such a new nurse that i need to keep at my skills otherwise I'll loose them quickly.

    Also, to be brutally honest I don't think I'd last the basic training. I want to be a nurse but I'm not the kind of person that wants to be yelled at because I didn't polish my boots at 5am (I'm over that, my mother yelled at me every morning all through high school to get my butt out of bed!)! :uhoh21:

    My big draw to them was the pay, I'm having trouble coming up with the money to pay for my last year and for them to pay my last year looked really good. I have loans but am now very possibly cut off because my co-signer recently got laid off. Don't want to apply for OSAP because when I graduate, if I can't get a job, i'm not sure if I could be able to afford to make two separate loan payments at once every month. The whole thing is so frustrating!!
  3. by   toegemojo
    loans are a drag but I know in B.C if you take a job in what they call an underserviced area they will pay most on your student loan debt off depending upon your time served in that area.Two new grads with 60,000 in student loans moved to port moody for this reason.I believe these underseviced areas are on the B.C ministry of health web site.your almost finished stick to it