Nursing recruiters in CA

  1. Hi,
    Do anyone have any idea how to find a nursing recruiter in bay area?
    I have been trying calling hospitals, but i end up in their answering machine.

    I am looking for a hospital or agency or recruiters who hire foreign educated nurses? Any info will be highly appreciated.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Bay Area? Unless quite a bit of experience, and in a specialty area, you are going to find difficulties. Most do not have to bother with petitioning as there are quite a few American's that wish to work in that area. It is currently the highest paying area in the country.

    What type of experience do you have? That would be my first question.
  4. by   JJG07
    Thanks for the reply. Considering the fact that its difficult in Bay area to find an employer who will petition for me, what do you suggest. if i think of moving to some other state for a while. what do you recommend?
  5. by   suzanne4
    If you are willing to work about an hour from the Bay Area, then no issue at all. Many actually commute that distance, or you can work your days in a row and then come down.
  6. by   JJG07
    That will actually works for me. But how can i find an employer who will petition for me? Do you have any suggestion on this?