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  1. by   emmy
    I don't know what flinders is like, I've only been in Australia two years.
    I know what you mean about midwives who haven't had children. I was induced for my second and 1 hour after I had the gel I said to the midwife that I needed the gas and air but she didn't believe that I was in labour so she told me to have a bath, I persisted and she said well I can either examine you or you can have the bath. Anyway she examined me and I was 6 centimetres so she dashed out the room and came back with another midwife and a baby cot. I was annoyed at the time because she didn't believe that I was in labour, as if anyone can mistake that pain :chuckle
    Not that I think you have to of experienced labour to be an effective midwife, but I do think they should listen to their clients.
  2. by   eirthjona

    I have just done my research paper for uni and we came across a great paper it has listings for most of the journals online.
    Conrick, M. (2002) Looking for a needle in a haystack: searching the internet for quality resources. Contemporary Nurse 12(1) 49-57
    It was writen by one of our leacturers here at Griffith. You should have a copy in the Libary.
  3. by   emmy
    Thanks Eirthjona
    I'll have a look when I get a chance, how are you finding Uni?
  4. by   eirthjona
    I am finding that the teachers want to teach and still are very hands on which is great for me havent been to uni in over 10 years.
    also found out that we are rank 2 for australia for the nursing program.
  5. by   emmy
    Glad you're enjoying it