Nursing job on a limited permit

  1. i have just finished my CGFNS CVS (verification) and i am now able to get the limited NY.. my application is right now waiting for eligibility from NY state board for eligibility to test..does anyone know whether hospitals hire nurses with limited permits or do we have to pass the NCLEX to get a job.. i am a foreign educated nurse..I am here with a valid green card
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You really need to contact the hospitals and ask although most would probably prefer a pass with NCLEX
  4. by   suzanne4
    Most now want to see that you have actually passed the NCLEX exam before they will even consider you. Would recommend that if you widh to work in a hospital setting.

    If you have already have the CVS done, then you should be able to test in the next few weeks. Would wait for that so that you have plenty of time to study, etc.
  5. by   igmirnor
    Thank you Suzanne. I have read your first tip. Though I have the 2nd edition of Saunders, I'm right now going to get the 4th edition. Heard that, its an amazing review book to have!!. I have completed the Kaplan online complete course along with the classes, the QT,s(question trainers1-7), and Q-Bank. Also went over the entire course book they have given. I am currently doing Pharm which, i am a little weak at, and would like to know whether i should do the NCSBN and also whether I should get any book for delegation, prioritization, and assignments.. Do you have any recommendations for the same??
  6. by   suzanne4
    The most important part of preparation for that exam is the rationales that come with each and every answer when you are reviewing.

    I only use the Saunder's book and nothing else when preparing students for that exam. And I started using this book when preparing foreign trained nurses for the exam; they all passed the first time and English was not their primary language.

    If you need to focus on the medication part, then suggest that you purchase a drug book that most students have used in the US; one that can fit in your pocket or be loaded onto a PDA. I am partial to Davis, but there are many others that are out there. You get used to one and that is what I have referred to during my career. Short and concise.

    Even as you have noticed with my first tip, it uses only one book and nothing else. That is more than enough to get someone thru the exam.