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  1. Hi there,
    i just have to get my story from my chest.
    my family and I just got back from our annual vacation in Greece. A wonderful country to make a holiday, but as we know now, not to get sick!My brother-in-law, got very sick during our stay and he needed an emergency operaton due to a perforated appendix.The hospital we went to was brand new and ok, the doctors did a pretty good job as well. But the nurses? Well we hardly noticed they were there! O course there were difficulties with languages etc., but they were unfriendly and they didn't do anything at all! My brother-in-law was in that hospital for 8 days and he was never washed, mobilized, nor was he wounddressing changed. We did this ourselves, thank god my sister and I are registred nurses. He is ok now and back in the Netherlands and I am here in Austria. The thing that got us most though, is that throughout Europe all the nursing educations and standards are supposed to be on the same level! ("EU-Standard") Well, I don't know about standards in the USA, but I doubt that this kind of thing can happen to you.
    PS watch your insurance too! My brother-in-law had one, but they couldn't fly him home, because it's "high season" now!!
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  3. by   Carol Twaits
    Semstr -

    I am sorry for you and your family, and very concerned as a nurse after reading your message about your brother-in-law's experience in a hospital in Greece. I cannot understand how basic post-operative nursing care was not provided during his eight day stay in the hospital.

    I recently posted a thread requesting communication with an International RN, so that they can assist me in exploring, comparing, and evaluating the effects of cultural diversity on the health status and response to care in their perspective community.

    If you are interested and would be willing to contact me, it would be deeply appreciated. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Carol A. Twaits, RN
    New York City, New York
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    And peple why i consider eerything outside the US 3rd world
  5. by   semstr
    now, this must be our day!
    I just posted a reply in another thread!
    Of course I'll be willing to help you.

    Btw This was a post from last year, my brother in law is fine and we went there on vacation again! Everything was great!

    To the last post; was that supposed to be funny? Sorry that I didn't laugh out loud.
  6. by   Carol Twaits
    Hi Semster - Hope all is well with you. I recently sent you a private message regarding your assisting me on my school project. I have not heard back, and that is why I am replying to you on this page.

    I would appreciate your help by answering some questions for me. Please e-mail me - Lorac112@AOL, or respond to me on All Nurses, and let me know how to access you.

    Thanks - your help is deeply appreciated.