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  1. So I'm a registered nurse for almost about a year not but i dont really have a hospital experience yet. I occassionally volunteer at one of the few public hospitals here in the Philippines. I do have relatives to in Australia who is willing to help me out in actully working there. I've tried checking inline but almost all of them are requiring about atleast 2 years of hospital experience. Is there any way i could try and apply as a nurse in australia without hospital experience, or there a program there that i need to take to actually be qualified???
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    suggest you you check out the threads in the Nurse Registration forum on registration with AHPRA
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    Hello jarelleroman,

    Most employers would probably bypass your application if your clinical experience is less than 2 years and is not recent.

    Remember, you won't be the only overseas applicants applying for a job in Australia. You have competition from New Zealanders (who have an almost automatic right to live and work in Australia), Brits, Americans, Indians, and other Filipinos. Plus, preference is given to Australian citizens and permanent residents. You have a lot of competition and it would behoove you to improve your skills and make yourself more attractive to employers by gaining more experience. Specialty areas like ICU, emergency, and theatre nursing are a plus.

    I suggest you look for a job in a major hospital and commit to working there at least 2 years.

    Some employers (like nursing homes) may consider your application but I highly doubt you will be successful in gaining employment.

    On top of that, you will need to go through a bridging program to be able to register as a nurse in Australia.