Nursing in america or australia

  1. Can anyone help me with this??
    I am from india and i have completed my bsc nursing here now i want to go for a job in aus or america .
    Beside ilets what other things i have to do tO get a job there?
    Do i have to study there? If yes plz tell me approx how much money i need?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Usually nurses for the US get EB3 immigrant visa and if born in India then current figures show a 12 year waiting list for employers so there lies your first hurdle. Australia probably quicker.

    Visa Bulletin For January 218
  4. by   sparticus2008
    The NMBA website is your best place to go to see if you meet the requirements for australia.
    In addition to IELTS
    - you need to show that your course work was equivelant to an australian bachelors
    - your course needed to have been externally accredited & recognised
    - you need to have completed a minimum of 800 hours of clinical placement

    If your course does not meet all the requirements then you may need to do a bridging course. The cost will vary, but the Australian college of nursing bridging course is $11'800 AUD.
  5. by   Sana123
    If i have meet all the requirements u listed above
    Still we have different rules and authorities in india and other countries
    So if i go there still i have to do any school or any programmes to meet their standards

    Also one more question can i work there as a student in hospitals with pay?