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  1. hi, i just got a job with a nursing home in melbourne and am currently waiting for my visa to be approved. the reason i applied for nursing home is because i am specialize in gerontology nursing and i find that geron nursing is not in as great demand in acute care, as in nursing homes (probably due to the more established community based services). i hope i made a wise decision restarting my nursing career in a nursing home...

    i am also hoping to start slow since i had been doing administrative work in clinical quality improvement the last 3+ yrs and only started casual nursing in singapore from last nov - to get myself back to bedside nursing, though my assignments have ranged from ed to individual nursing to icu and post-op care. it's been refreshing and fun... i now remember what it means to be a and why i'm switching back to it.

    i'm trying to find out more about the nursing home scene in melbourne... where i'll be working, it's supposed to be a high-care facility. what does that really mean? (sub-acute care??).. and what's the nurse-resident ratio like for such facilities? sorry for asking this forum ... was too nervous and excited during the interview, i forgot to ask ... i've never worked in a nursing home, not even in singapore where i live. i really look forward to my move to melbourne .... hopefully in the next 3 week.

    thanks, anyone who has any advise ...

    .: zeke :.
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  3. by   joannep
    I empathise with your desire to move back to a clinical role. I too have been in management/administration for the past 4 years and am thinking that it is time I started looking for a clinical job. I will be interested to hear how your new job is.
    Good luck with you career move and even bigger move to Melbourne.
  4. by   poodleH
    Hi, I used to live in singapore. My dad was in the RAAF when I was young, your country is beautiful and CLEAN, yes I remember the fine for littering and no gum. Anyway I work in a nursing home in queensland, I am enjoying it yes there are challenges but must make the best decisions. I have a lovely singaporean family next door to me. Enjoy Melbourne and stay rugged up for their winter it can get reallllllyyyy ccccoolllddd!!!!