Nursing degrees in London - advice needed!!

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    I hope to study for a BSc. Nursing degree in the UK & i was thinking about London among other places. I've know very little about the city. What are the top colleges in London for Nursing or can anyone offer advice about the city regards accomodation good spots & bad spots etc. As im an EU student (Irish) i'll be paying fees privately so I hope to work part-time as well. Is this possible as I know London is expensive or should i consider other UK cities?? any advice appreciated!!

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I personnally would look else where as London will be expensive. Uni fees will change and plenty of good nursing courses else where. Would also suggest with you paying making sure you get theory and practical in all specialities ie midwifery, mental health, paeds and general.

    good luck
  4. by   CelticNurse
    [FONT="Tahoma"]I would have to say that I agree in general terms with the previous post. If you have a position to come to and this includes the Bsc. as part of the deal, then fine. If, however, you are self-funding then there are other seats of higher learning in other large metropolitian cities that would be equal to the task without the crippling cost that would go with funding both your education and general day-to-day living. It may even come to pass that living in London by funding yourself would become a matter of merely existing! This is not to put you off by any means. This is merely a matter of plain fact.

    Besides, in todays era modern technology, a lot of the resources that once were only to be found in large and prestigious London universties can now be easily accessed wherever you may find yourself. I speak from experience having done my training in a major London trust and doing post grad in whilst living and working in Bristol some years later.

    Either way, I would say don't be put off but certainly do your research quite thoroughly before you decide.

    Good luck with whichever path you take.