Nurses threaten action over beds plan

  1. Nurses threaten action over beds plan
    The New South Wales Nurses Association is threatening industrial action over a State Government proposal to open 1,000 extra hospital beds over winter.

    The union representing nurses says public hospitals in New South Wales are already short staffed and could not cope with the additional beds.

    The general secretary of the association, Brett Holmes, says nurses may start closing existing beds or hold stop work meetings if their concerns about the proposal are not addressed by the Government.

    Mr Holmes says nurses are worried the extra beds could mean their workloads will be doubled.

    "They're already close to breaking point on their current workload," Mr Holmes said.

    "The imposition of additional workloads on top of that could result in a strong reaction from our members."

    The association says it wants the Government to encourage more experienced nurses back into the workforce to boost staff numbers.

    Mr Holmes says the association wants to meet with the Government to discuss the proposal later this week.
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