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Hi, I'm wondering if there are any Canadian NP's out there who can answer a few questions for me...... I'd love some information regarding practicing as an NP in British Columbia. I'm an... Read More

  1. by   ahappyspark
    hello, I am an FNP from Texas and family moving to Vancouver BC 2011. I am trying as much as I can to prepare for my move....did you gather any feedback, any helpful hints on who is hiring NP's in Surrey, Richmond or White Rock areas? Do they have private practices over there?
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    See my reply to your other similar post. BC is in the midst of an economic crisis and health care, being a government responsibility here, is always where they tend to cut spending first. We're all hoping that this recession ends soon and things can get back to normal, but please be prepared for a great deal of frustration along the way. I'm not aware of any NPs in private practice in either BC or Alberta, but that' doesn't mean there aren't any. The area of BC where you plan to move is a very popular choice for people relocating to BC. Richmond is within the boundaries of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority; you can read the RHA's 4 year service plan here"

    Surrey and White Rock are in the Fraser Health Authority. there have been some upper echelon layoffs there in recent months. As you've no doubt noticed, there are very few job postings in any category that aren't casual positions. But you may have the chance to get in on the ground floor of the planned primary care networks that many regions are introducing.

    You should be prepared for an uphill climb.
  3. by   Fiona59
    All the NPs I've met have worked within established family practice clinics and carried their own patient load BUT there are doctors on site at all times. Either that or they are in the hospital/continuing care setting.

    All our family practices are funded by the government so "private practices" as you know them don't really exist here.