Non US citizen Requiring Sponsorship

  1. i am a non us citizen and passed fl board exams in 2006. i am thinking of moving to arizona and want to know if there is a chance for me getting a sponsorship. i have overstayed my visa by 10 years.

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    Thread moved to the International Forum, as it is specific to foreign nurses.

    Now for your problem, and it is a very big problem. It does not matter if you find a hospital to petition you, the issue is that you have no visa to remain in the US. And currently, there is a retrogression in place, so nothing can be done. And if there were visas available, you must have a current visa in hand to be able to adjust it, and you do not have that.

    The best thing that you can do, and the only option that you have is to leave the US and apply thru Consular Processing, but there is no guarantee that you will be approved to return. But if you get picked up now, for any reason, you will be deported and not permitted to return for a period of ten years minimum.

    You have no other options. No current visa, and not one thing can be done. And unless you just turned 21, there is not one thing that you can do by becoming an adult, and asking to be exonerated because of that.
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    patience is real virtue...we suffer for a while but when the reward comes, it pours continuously...
  5. by   mufasa
    Thanks everyone..
    I will start packing my bags and work for a while back home while trying your advice.
    Again Thanks!
  6. by   suzanne4
    Sounds like a very smart move. Best of luck to you.