1. urgent help needed.I am a foreign nurse but now in the US for an MBA program.I have
    done Nclex 2times with the state of vermont and failed,but the agents who are helping
    with my immigration dont want to continue
    and I know i can make it the 3rd time. I want to try it again on my own,what do you think?
    I need advice please!!!!do I try califonia state or continue with vermont.if vermont how do I
    register on my own.i really need money to stay here.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    What status do you have to stay in the US? If student then you may have restrictions on where you can work but a lot will depend on how long you have been in the US. If already registered with Vermont then better to stay with them just apply to resit the exam.
  4. by   nneoma
    Thanks so much.I was working with an agent who registered me for the exam.they recruite international nurses.But they said i cant continue in the recritement program since i have been off nursing job for more than 6months.Thats why I want to do it on my own.I still have 2years to be here for my masters program.Do you think I should try califonia on my own?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Even if you have a application by a agency there is still record of you and you should be able to resit with Vermont.

    Still haven't said what your status is and whether you are allowed to work or not? Remember on a student visa there are restrictions on working
  6. by   nneoma
    Thanks i have a student visa and know am not allowed to work but with the nclex I know by status will change.I have a friend that took the exam in different states and she took it twice
  7. by   5cats
    I don't understand your last comment, NCLEX is NCLEX no matter where you take it. Just email Vermont and let them know that you're not represented by an agency anymore and are an individual applicant and then reapply to resit NCLEX. You obviously will have to pay the reapplication fee on your own.

    And about your status, why do you think your status will change when you pass NCLEX? Student visa is still a student visa, if you're not allowed to work that's it. Doesn't matter what skills you've got, so I'm not sure where are you heading to?

  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Your status will not change if you get issued a license in the US. To be able to change status you need to find employer and either get a work visa or immigrant visa and for immigrant visa visas need to be current and at the moment that isn't the case. Retrogression has been ongoing for several years and no end in sight
  9. by   nneoma
    thank you both so much for those comments.I think my question is anwered.
    will keep you updated!!!