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good day! im an lpn graduate and planning to take the nclex-pn exam soon. i heard rumors that lpn will be phased out, is it true? i want to work in canada or the us. lpn course is new in our country.... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from micdelrosario
    hi there...dont even bother knowing what school offers lpn. jst to let you know if youre a US citizen or an immigrant then i dont think youll have a problem. check it the other PN philippine threads and youll know what i mean.
    And if you do not hold a valid visa that will permit you to work in the US, do not even consider that type of program. It is 100% to you. It is not accepted even in the Philippines to work, nor in any other country for immigration purposes, including the US and Canada.

    Please do some reading on this forum and see all of the grief that the students that have gone thru the program are now going thru.