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  1. Hi! I am new to the internet , I am currently studying Div.2 Nursing and would love to hear from anyone with stories, advice, anything
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    studying div 2 nursing


  3. by   renerian
    Welcome to our club! I want to work in Australia so bad. Funny I even dreamed about it last night. I want to work at Baringa in Coffs Harbour. Do you know of it?

  4. by   jnette
    Hello, Kezanjel ... and welcome !

    Sure you'll find plenty of what you're looking for here !
  5. by   kezanjel
    Thanks for typing back, Coffs Habour is a really beautiful place I am told, I have friend who is moving there.
    So far this has been an excellent site and I am glad I found it. I love the photo!
  6. by   kezanjel
    I have already met one other Div.2 online, if there are any others out there I would love to hear about your time of study, and what line of work you ended up in.
  7. by   TX Guy

    Welcome to the board!
  8. by   kezanjel
    Thanks TX Guy for the welcome, I am also new to the internet so it is nice to have replies. How long have you been nursing for?
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    Hello and welcome,
    There is alot of information and support here. I wish you well.
  11. by   kezanjel
    Thanks again for the welcome, I think this will end up one of my favorite sites. Being new to nursing I didn't know how much information there was out there. It definitly is more than just a job and I haven't even started yet.
    I have a question, I am wondering what opinion most Div 1's have of Div 2's? In the work enviroment and in general? I have heard lots of negative opinions about PCA's, and I wonder if it is the same with Div.2's
  12. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    Howdy from Texas glad to have you here!

  13. by   sandgroper
    I am a hospital trained Division 1 (Registered) nurse. I've worked with division 2 (Enrolled) nurses for all but the last three years. Generally speaking, they are well trained for their role in the two-tier system where they are always under the direction of a Registered Nurse.

    My wife has recently commenced the Associate Diploma to become an Enrolled nurse, so I think they are good people too
  14. by   Grace Oz
    Kezanjel, WELCOME to allnurses AND the nursing profession!... don't allow anyone to tell you being an Enrolled Nurse is anything less than a NURSE! Throughout your nursing experience you will come across those who think they know it all, those who wish they knew it all & SOME who know a little! There has always been people with negative attitudes in the nursing profession. Those who, by reasons of opportunity and/or choice, were able to study for the register as opposed to the roll, often think they're "better" or "real" nurses, compared to Enrolled Nurses. In all walks of life, people make decisions based on information available to them and/or according
    to their own individual circumsances at the time.
    I've been nursing for 34 years, so I'm fairly well qualified to comment, I feel. There always has been & there always will be,a place for both Enrolled AND Registered nurses. Both streams of practise have something positive & essential to contribute to the nursing profession as a whole.
    Stand tall, be proud, listen & learn, work hard & keep abreast of current practices & procedures. Maintain your own health, both mental as well as physical. Nurture a sense of humour & self educate, read books, watch documentaries. Learn & grow. Keep a kind heart, remember to always treat both your patients & fellow nurses as you yourself would wish to be treated. Whenever someone starts with the negative comments, hit them with a positive! You are a valuable member of the health care team, you are a colleague, no matter the title! Respect has to be earnt, always remember that. Just as you must earn the respect of others, so too must THEY earn it, no matter the title!...
    Conduct yourself with dignity at all times, never allow anyone to put you down or make "light" of your role & the job you do. You will come to see, there are nurses, and there are "nurses", in both levels of the profession.
    GOOD LUCK with your new career & remember, always believe in YOU!....