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What are your opinions on the new pay scales that are to be introduced over the next year? Do you feel as if you are going to lose out? If so how?... Read More

  1. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    Originally posted by karenG
    new pay scales;
    band 5 17000-22000 D/E grade
    band 6 20300-27000 district nurses/ health visitors/specialist nurses/midwifes/community midwifes
    band 7 24500-32300 midwife middle managers/district nurse managers/health visitor team managers/senior specialist nurses

    we all recieve a 3.22% rise in april. I say, but for those of us who work in general pracitice the pay rise happens if the GP agrees to it. I know of practice nurses who havent recieved a pay rise in years!

    so look out for the ballot papers and vote!

    I can't believe that GP's decide whether or not the practice nurse gets the pay or not!!! I bet they won't object to awarding themselves that huge 30% they've been offered! As for the new pay scales, isn't it just the same as we're getting now but with a number grade instead of a letter grade?!
  2. by   karenG
    oh those of us in general practice tend to be cynical about pay rises. I have 2 jobs- both supposedly on the same pay. I work for the PCT and in practice as a nurse practitioner. I am supposed to be H grade but the pct job pays 3 /hr more than the practice job!! work that out. Have pointed out the discrepancy to no avail. It is common in general practice not to get increments or pay rises. we dont get cost of living either. some nurses dont get the usual holiday .........I could go on. the thing is the hours are good and the GP's usually nice. But things are changing and the new GP contract will change things. so with my PCT hat on, I am waiting to see what happens next!

  3. by   donmurray
    Your Maj. GP's are "independent contractors" to the NHS, and set their staffs' pay rates. I have read of offers of up to 50% if their practice offers a wider range of services. I wonder which underpaid colleagues of theirs will actually provide the new services?
  4. by   karenG
    dont get me started on this one..............................

    offering gps 100k and then expecting us to take a pittance...........thats why I work as lead practice nurse for the pct. I'm trying to change things from the inside.