New passports w/o signature: Pls Read!

  1. I took the NCLEX exam last Jan. 24 in Hong Kong. While waiting outside the pearsonvue testing center there were two ladies that we met. We chatted for a few minutes before we were ushered inside. In the lobby, we were given a piece of paper about rules and regulations. After reading, we were asked if we had read the notice posted on the door. We all said yes. So, the one in charge there asked us one by one to present our passport(which is the only accepted identification) and our ATT. This one lady after giving her passport she was asked if she had another passport. She said no. Then the staff said because you have no signature on your passport you cannot take exam today and you will forfeit the exam and you need to reapply. The lady bargained if she can present another ID like the PRC ID but the center staff said no because the passport is the only accepted identification. Too bad for her.

    I felt sorry for her. I've already heard stories about this before and we were already warned. So, before traveling out of the country i already made sure that i have my passport signed. Situations like that could have been avoided. Just to think that a mere unsigned passport deprived her from taking the exam. To think the efforts she made preparing for the exam, the money she spent of traveling to Hong Kong and for the exam. Then when she got to testing site she was denied from taking the exam. Pearsonvue did their part in informing test takers because they had posted a notice outside that make sure that you have passports signed before giving it to the center staff. Then before they start they would ask you again if you have read the notice. Maybe the lady was new in traveling and that her passport was new. Sometimes we forget small things but these things will get us into big trouble. As a courtesy please remind your friends who will take the NCLEX exam in Hong Kong to check if they have their passports signed. I just don't want to hear another story of our fellow filipino nurses denied of the exam because of this. So, please spread the word. Thanks. Godbless to those who will still take the exam...
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  3. by   suzanne4
    This happens at any testing center, not just HK. And the airlines should have made her sign it before she even got on the plane. Same way that you cannot use a credit card that is not signed.
  4. by   pink angel
    @khirbz: We've met that lady too and chatted for a sec while my friend and I are about to enter the testing center. While we were listening to her story we were teary eyed and felt sorry for her. I was just so curious why her passport wasn't checked well in the immigration. She should have asked by the immigration to sign it.
  5. by   BurstPurse
    It's a very sad story and it will surely serve as a good lesson for each one of us. Blames can be placed on the immigration officer (from point of exit to the point of entry), on the travel agency but the greatest blame must be placed on her (the owner of the passport).
  6. by   khirbz
    I think the immigration doesn't check if there is a signature. Because our host in Hong Kong said they also had someone who stayed at their place denied of the exam because she doesn't have a signature on her passport.