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  1. Good day to everybody! I'm just new here and I'm also a new student at a university in Manila. I just enrolled myself this semester. It took me awhile to enroll because I just want to make sure that nursing is for me.

    Anyway, the reason why I'm writing here is to make new friends, to learn from other students and graduates' experiences, and to be updated on what's happening in the nursing world.

    So, for those who would like to give me advices or tips on how to study, what to do or just anything for me to pass this course, I would really appreciate it.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    hi. welcome to i'm sure you will meet a lot of friends here. there is also a thread for nursing students here. please do check it out. enjoy your stay. :wink2:
  4. by   RNHawaii34
    Hi! welcome to the wonderful world of Nursing! I am a new grad myself.( batch 2005, Octoberian). You know I have a lot of second courses friends in my class last year. here are few tips for you:
    1. Study hard, but make sure you have time to enjoy other activities.
    2. Study ahead of time, specially if you knew you are weak in certain subjects.
    3. Make friends with your fellow second courses:-) they're are good people to hang out with since they have the same goal like yours ( to graduate).
    4. Be nice to your non-second courses classmates, I knew this because I used to be so intimidated by them( second coursers, that is). because they think/act they know everything!
    5.Ask your clinical instructors, lecturers for help if you need one, I find them very helpful all the time, and they like it when you ask questions.
    6.Be friends with smart responsible people in your class, always, because you do not want to be stuck with lazy, passive type students.
    7. Search for internet libraries, theyre a good source of information.
    8.Pick a good textbooks, one textbook is not enough.
    9.challenge yourself when you study. if you come across something new to you, read about it.
    10. Familiarize--dont memorize, hahaha! it always work for me!

    that's all I can say, Goodluck!
  5. by   Rep
    Good Luck!
  6. by   miQ.
    welcome! i am also a second courser myself... graduated October last year just like RNHawaii34... i agree with what Hawaii34 mentioned are some tips i can think of.. as much as you can but always keep things simple...check out those books that try to simplify nursing concepts for you...those incredibly easy series... but do read those thick books as well. i prefer to read the simplified version first just to get an idea what the disease is about and then i hit those thick books for a more detailed explanation. i knew someone who read Brunner's Medical Surgical thrice! he landed top 5 in the NLE;

    2.learn as much as you can during your clinical and community rotations. remember, you cannot afford mistakes once you get your license. abuse your clinical instructor with questions, ask even silly stuff about procedures,volunteer for procedures, get your hands dirty, figuratively of course! friends with everybody but weed out people who always want you to do all the work for them, simply because your the "eldest" in the group. sure to pass all the requirements and never leave the impression that you know everything;

    5.use this site for updates and information... im not sure how the moderators take the abuse (of repeated questions and displaced anger from some) but you really can learn from them and from the other members as well...
  7. by   jackpot2006
    Hello everyone.I'm new here at the forum.I'm a second courser too.I migrated to the US 6 years ago and decided to study nursing here in the Phils.I love being home again after several years of working in the US.
  8. by   lawrence01
    hi. welcome to as well. please do enjoy your stay here.:wink2:
  9. by   pharm_studentnurse
    Hello fellow second coursers.... Taking up nursing is a mixture of fun, sacrifices, and almost everything.. hehe... Just like whatever ur doing... I'm on my 3rd year.. I started last year.. Good luck to all of us!