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  1. This is great to have a Canadian site! I am about to enter my 2nd year of nursing school and am really interested in the ER and ICU as potential career areas. My question is, what are other nurse's opinions on new grads doing their pre-grad and then going straight into these two areas?
    Also, does anyone know of hospitals in the Hamilton to Toronto area that have really good orientations to these dept's for new grads? I don't want to end up working in an ER where I'm left to my own devices with little support or orientation. I would appreciate any info I can get
    Thanks so much!
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    Hi there,

    I am in my 3rd year and have recently been hired as an ESN (employed student nurse) at a major trauma centre in the lower mainland area (BC). I never thought they would hire me straight in but they did, along with 2 others in my class. We had to answer some interview questions of course, and I have a somewhat limited scope until graduation (no blood transfusions, no IV push, CVC's or monitoring of suicidal pts..... anything else is ok).

    They were actually fairly eager to hire us on. Although most places don't, or so I hear.
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