New grad from US to move to Canada

  1. I am entering a US nursing program this spring. After graduation, I would like to make my home in Canada (Ottawa) and am wondering the best/fastest/safest route. I'm very new to the process and would welcome any information on immagration, visa's, exam's, new grad programs...etc.

    Would anyone share thier experience - pro's & con's?

    Thank you kindly!

    Rebecca in California
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  3. by   CDN_NPtobe
    I'm graduating from a BSN program in Vermont in May of this year and have a two year work commitment in the States before I can immigrate. I've spoken with the Nurse's Union in Nova Scotia and learned that I can sit for the Canadian boards as soon as I pass the boards down here. Then, because there is a nursing shortage, I can apply for preferential immigration status as a Provincial Nominee. This program is specific to each province, so you would have to contact the appropriate nursing authorities to get the details as they pertain to you.
  4. by   bikerungirl
    Thanks - that gives me some info to research on. I appreciate your response!
  5. by   CDN_NPtobe
    Quote from bikerungirl
    Thanks - that gives me some info to research on. I appreciate your response!
    No problem. I just private messaged you, btw. I thought I would send my contact info in case you wanted to chat further.
  6. by   fergus51
    You should know that you will need a BSN to practice in Ontario. You can contact the college of nurses of ontario for information about registration.
  7. by   Goodie
    FYI....I am not 100% on this but I am sure that as of 2005 you need a degree to enter into nursing practice in Canada.
  8. by   bikerungirl
    I understand that I will need a degree, but is a BSN required? So my AA would not be accepted?
  9. by   fergus51
    Your AA would not be accepted in Ontario or BC. New grads are required to have a BSN.