new foreign guy tries to study nursing program, dnt know where to me

  1. Hi there to everybody,
    yes, i am new to this forums and i just read from the newspaper and i am interested study in the nursing field, i did ask the school in NY, which the school told me in NY they always lack of foreign language nurses, i can read and speak 3 kind of language, chinese, malayu and english ( my secondary language) .
    Now is the little problem, i dont know how i am going to start, base on your experience, do i need to take any sat or ged? i am not graduate here but i graduate at my own place which is malaysia. What is the first step i need to do? take pre-nursing course? how long it gonna take? i studied Business adm b4 back in 5 years ago. Should my maths be good?? and how much it cost for the school fees normally, the one i try to attend is like chinese school which located at the NY 'Manhantan' which i never know iwhere it is but i willing to take some advice first b4 i travel.
    Any suggestion ??
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  3. by   puggymae
    First you need to decide what sort of program you want to attend - LPN? RN? Then contact several schools that offer that type of program. The admissions person at the school can point you in the right direction in regards to entrance requirements for the program.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   suzanne4
    And be aware that if you do not already have a green card, then the LPN course will not do you any good. You will not be able to work with that in the US.

    There are many nurses in NY that speak multiple languages, so that should not even be an issue. Not sure who you spoke to.

    You are going to have to get an evaluation done of your previous schooling to see what you can get credit for, and what needs to be retaken, in addition to the nursing program. Suggest that you start with that, the schools will want to see that first.
  5. by   charliehbk
    erm, the school told me once i get graduate i can apply from the hospital and the hospital willing to help me to get the green card because they really need.
    ermm, if i cant work after i got LPN, wats the purpose i go there rite?
  6. by   charliehbk
    suzanne u rock@@!! thanks for the reply and pm!~~
  7. by   suzanne4
    As a foreigner, the LPN does not qualify for the green card. If you already had a green card, or were a US citizen, then no problems. A license does not give you permission to work in the US, and you need that.

    You will need the RN after your name at the minimum.
  8. by   helpme
    charliehbk, ape kabar ! (kalau ande bise bahase melayu)

    I'm a nursing student guy, will be graduated next year. Don't worry about your gender. The nursing program usually asks of your GPA, ACT and NLN before you get in. However, it would be better you do some surveys or ask the competent one before you apply.

    Good luck !