New BSN Grad, what next.. CGFNS or NCLEX?

  1. Hello everyone! I just graduated last April from my BSN, and just took the NLE for the local boards last June 6-7. What should I take next, CGFNS or NCLEX? What are the qualifications for both to be able to take the exams? What are the procedures? Should I take IELTS first? I have also heard that if you would be taking the NCLEX exam for some particular states in the U.S., it would be eligible for other U.S. states as well. Which states are they?

    Thank you very much for your advice.yeah:
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    You need to decide on which state you want to live and work and apply to that state and meet their requirements for foreign trained nurse. Some states require CGFNS exam (only a small handful) most require CES from CGFNS. We do not recommend California for initial application of license (that is what you are doing not applying for NCLEX, that is just a part of the process) and much has already been written about why. Only do the CGFNS exam if you have to

    If you pass NCLEX then that has reciprocity with all states as it is a national exam but when moving states you need to meet their requirements for foreign trained

    Suggested reading in the forum is also on Retrogression as you will be affected
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    IELTS will expire after 2 years. Then you have to retake it again if you have not completed all the requirements for your visa screen. Please do some reading before you decide